ArenaD52 Productions is a newly formed company formed by John McGuinness who is one of Ireland's all rounded technical prodigy's. From a very young age of 14 John has been involved with alot of local, national and international events in all aspects of the entertainment industry including audio, video, rigging, staging & lighting. 
      After being mentored by the major companies and industry leaders across Ireland & the UK, John has worked in local theaters, touring theater, rental companies in Ireland, UK, USA & Dubai and more frequently has been touring the world with A star artist Rihanna as a lighting tech and currently on Thirty Seconds To Mars World Tour as Head Rigger. John has been Lighting Crew Chief for shows such as J Lo, Noel Gallagher, David Guetta, Jeff Dunham. Throughout the last 8-10 years John has been involved with festivals, bands and major promoters therefore the inspiration behind ArenaD52 is to pass on that level of professionalism in production. 
      ArenaD52 is a company that can supply you with the knowledge and experience that has seen small scale to large scale productions, produced with the highest standard of technical ability to make sure your event, venue or production has the same high class standard that it is capable off. 
      Everything from hiring equipment, design, installation, sales and management in all aspects of the industry including nightclubs, schools, musicals, drama, rock & roll, theater, special events and television.  

      For any queries in any aspect please feel free to get in touch!